Oct 16

Raab Associates Inc., leading specialists in marketing technology evaluation, today released the Raab Guide to Demand Generation Systems, the first-ever detailed independent study of demand generation systems from Eloqua, Market2Lead, Manticore Technology, Marketo and Vtrenz.

Demand generation, sometimes called lead management, is the fastest-growing segment of the marketing automation industry. Marketers use these Internet-based systems to acquire leads, nurture relationships, and coordinate treatments with sales departments. Demand generation systems work primarily with email and Web channels, and sometimes incorporate other media.

The 125-page Raab Guide is a complete tool kit for matching the right system to each buyer’s situation. It provides a comparison matrix that rates each vendor on more than 150 specific items and explains which items are important to different types of marketers. Entries on individual vendors add tables describing each system in detail, evaluative analyses, and screenshots of selected functions. The Raab Guide also lays out a step-by-step methodology for managing a successful selection process.

“Demand generation systems are an increasingly popular way for marketers to improve their internal operations and to better coordinate with sales organizations,” says author David M. Raab. “But it’s hard for marketers to uncover the real differences among the products, and even harder to figure out which differences matter for their business. The Guide tackles both those problems by providing specific information and explaining what it means.”

The Raab Guide to Demand Generation Systems can be purchased at www.raabguide.com. The site provides samples of the comparison matrix and vendor tables and a complete Table of Contents. It also includes links to industry blogs and a growing library of free reference materials such as worksheets to assess software ease-of-use. The Guide and website were underwritten in part by Eloqua, Manticore Technology and Marketo, although Raab Associates Inc. produced the contents independently.

The new guide draws on two decades of Raab Associates Inc. experience in helping firms to evaluate and select marketing technologies. The firm is widely recognized for its detailed, objective analysis of marketing systems. David Raab has written hundreds of articles for publications including DM Review and DM News; spoken at conferences in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia; and consulted with firms including AARP, Citicorp, CIGNA Healthcare, The Limited and Verizon. More information and an article archive are available at www.raabassociatesinc.com.

Jun 16

June 16, 2008 — Raab Associates Inc. Principal David M. Raab will discuss columnar databases in a DM Radio program on July 10, 2008. The program will also feature Dr. Michael Stonebraker, architect of the modern INGRES and POSTGRES database designs, and CTO/Founder of columnar database developer Vertica. Several additional guests are expected for the hour-long program.

Raab has written extensively about columnar databases since the first appeared in marketing systems in the mid-1990s. A searchable archive of his articles is available at http://archive.raabassociatesinc.com/.

Please visit http://www.dmreview.com/dmradio/10001493-1.html for more information about the DM Radio program and to register for the broadcast.

For more information about Raab Associates Inc., contact:

Joyce Stein

Apr 30

April 30, 2008 — Raab Associates Inc. launched a free Web archive of marketing software reviews and other articles written by industry consultant David M. Raab. The site, www.archive.raabassociatesinc.com, will help marketers who are planning purchases, investors and analysts seeking perspective on industry trends, and researchers looking for evidence in intellectual property disputes.

The nearly 300 items provide a comprehensive database of marketing software information dating back to 1993. They include pieces originally written for DM News, DM Review, Relationship Marketing Report, Curtis MarketWise FIRST, and other industry publications. In addition, a unified search feature allows simultaneous search of the archive and Raab Associates blogs, http://customerexperiencematrix.blogspot.com/ and http://mpm toolkit.blogspot.com/, which provide additional information on marketing technology.

Visitors are free to post comments on the articles, allowing community members to supplement or update the information based on their own experiences. Raab will add new articles to the archive as they are published.

“These articles provide a rich history of the development of marketing systems over the past fifteen years,” said Raab. “They include in-depth assessments of current market leaders and difficult-to-find information on pioneering products that are no longer being sold.”

The archive is accessible through the Raab Associates Inc. Web site at www.raabassociatesinc.com.

Raab Associates Inc. is a consulting firm that helps consumer and business marketers make the best use of resources from marketing software companies and service providers.

For more information, contact:

Joyce Stein

Sep 15

September 15, 2007 — Raab Associates Principal David M. Raab will be leading a pair of two-day workshops on Marketing Performance Measurement in Singapore and Kula Lumpur, Malaysia in September 2007. The workshops are sponsored by Asia Business Forum, a leading training organization in the region.