Jun 16

June 16, 2008 — Raab Associates Inc. Principal David M. Raab will discuss columnar databases in a DM Radio program on July 10, 2008. The program will also feature Dr. Michael Stonebraker, architect of the modern INGRES and POSTGRES database designs, and CTO/Founder of columnar database developer Vertica. Several additional guests are expected for the hour-long program.

Raab has written extensively about columnar databases since the first appeared in marketing systems in the mid-1990s. A searchable archive of his articles is available at http://archive.raabassociatesinc.com/.

Please visit http://www.dmreview.com/dmradio/10001493-1.html for more information about the DM Radio program and to register for the broadcast.

For more information about Raab Associates Inc., contact:

Joyce Stein

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