MPM Toolkit

The following forms are designed to help marketers and project managers build marketing measurement systems.   Use of the forms is explained in the book Marketing Performance Measurement Toolkit written by David M. Raab.    Download the forms by clicking on the links below.  For more information about the book or to purchase a copy, visit the RACOM Books Web site.

Ch 1 Project Goals Scorecard

Ch 2 Application Sequence Worksheet

Ch 2 Project Definition Report

Ch 2 Project Readiness Scorecard

Ch 3 Company Resource Scorecard

Ch 4 Customer Interaction Inventory

Ch 4 External Information Scorecard

Ch 5 Strategy Map Worksheet

Ch 6 Marketing Planning Worksheet

Ch 7 Balanced Scorecard Contents

Ch 7 Lifetime Value Components

Ch 8 Analytics Readiness Scorecard

Ch 9 Metrics Planning Worksheet

Ch 9 Metrics Assessment Scorecard

Ch 9 Data Element Scorecard

Ch 9 Measurement Capabilities Scorecard

Ch 12 Approval Requirements Scorecard

Ch 12 Project Planning Scorecard

Ch 12 System Introduction Scorecard

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